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Eaglestone Belgium mars 7, 2024

La ville de demain sera plurielle.

Eaglestone is a leading real estate developer specializing in investment and development. Its mission is to identify and capitalize on real estate opportunities, creating socially responsible urban projects with high added value, both financially and socially. The company prioritizes the unique identity of each project and recognizes its role in shaping new urban environments. Its approach emphasizes thoughtful selection of locations, designs, and materials.

As an innovative developer, Eaglestone introduces cutting-edge concepts, services, and technology, catalyzing positive change in neighborhoods. It prioritizes creating high-quality public spaces to enhance community activity. Flexibility is key for Eaglestone, enabling swift responses to evolving trends and societal changes. The company values diverse skill sets, aligning with the current transformation in the real estate market. Since 2019, Eaglestone has been a certified carbon neutral for all of its corporate activities. In addition, each new development is subject to an indepth assessment of its carbon footprint, and actions are systematically taken to minimize emissions. Wherever possible, we also offset residual emissions.


We shaped the narrative and identity of the Twin Falls project from its inception. Twin Falls, with its striking architecture, revolves around a luminous walkway leading to an immersive park. Our collaboration with Eaglestone ensured that this architectural marvel was not only visually captivating but also communicated effectively to potential residents and investors. We meticulously crafted a story that emphasized Twin Falls' unique features, such as its cascading terrace design, which maximizes natural sunlight throughout the year, and its integration with the natural valley landscape. We helped Eaglestone define Twin Falls as not just a place to live, but a lifestyle choice. Through targeted messaging and branding strategies, we highlighted the diverse range of housing options available, from luxury apartments with private terraces to dynamic co-living spaces catering to urbanites seeking a vibrant community. Furthermore, our collaboration extended to positioning Twin Falls within the broader context of urban development. We recognized the evolving needs of modern cities and worked with Eaglestone to ensure that Twin Falls addressed these challenges effectively. By incorporating amenities like secure bike shelters and high-quality outdoor spaces, we positioned Twin Falls as a forward-thinking solution to the demands of urban living. We are proud to have played a part in bringing Twin Falls to life and are excited to see it thrive as a dynamic urban community for years to come.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Story, Naming

  • Design

    Art Direction, Advertising, Worksite signage

  • Client

    Eaglestone Belgium

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