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CBRE juin 3, 2020

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Introducing a global group to Belgium’s brightest candidates. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, CBRE are the world’s leading Real Estate Advisory. With 120 employees active in Brussels, CBRE has a solid investment in the building it’s presence in Belgium. Keen to take their investment further, CBRE are developing new campaigns to help attract Belgium’s most talented newly qualified candidates to join their teams. As a member of a truly global group, the need to align positioning, corporate messages and corporate values is paramount – We have a long history in working with reputation, and we know how to look after an identity, so when it came to building a dedicated Human Resources website for CBRE Belgium, we provided a look that adhered to strong corporate guidelines, but added just enough individuality to engage perfectly with a particular local market.


Our creative proposal centred around the promotion of “blog-styled” employee features – purposely “up-close and personal”, we pinpointed the words and thoughts of the freshest recruits at CBRE who are already making a big difference to the way CBRE runs its business in Belgium. Pitched with genuine positivity, “role model” identities were developed to strike an immediate affinity with the future-employees of CBRE Belgium. Speaking in a language that future employees understand, up-beat narratives communicate aspects of their working day that make CBRE employment both fulfilling and fun. The integrity and energy provided by simple advertorial ‘conversation’ brings real conviction for those candidates who are considering CBRE Belgium as the place to start their career. Key Figures : Traffic increase of 32% unique visitors.

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    UI/UX Strategy, User Research, Content Management System & SEO

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    Art Direction, UI/UX Design

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