Branding Belgium’s finest commercial real-estate.

AG Real Estate


Stéphanie Square and Stéphanie Plaza – two of Brussels most precious architectural works-of-art, both, for over a Century, admired, celebrated and renowned. Today they have been transformed by AG Real Estate to become business addresses of unrivalled class and unarguable distinction – a fusion of luxury, practicality and sustainability, providing contemporary office comfort of unprecedented levels.

“A branding of real eloquence, based on a story of real substance – it serves well to remind us that so much of what we do today is so surface based”.


André Jacqmain

The demand for a distinguished business address in the right area of Brussels is high. This has led to a competitive market for high-end office space, and for those who manage or sell such property, a need for real stand-out in their communication to successfully market their properties to the right audience. With AG Real Estate’s most recognisable development to date, when it came to finding a story to underpin an elegant branding, we lucked-in.


At the core of the campaign was the story André Jacqmain, renowned as Belgium’s most talented Architect, who, through building Stéphanie Square and Stéphanie Plaza, perfected his art-deco dream. To this we added the majestic history of their location, the famous Avenue Louise, a vision of King Leopold II, and today unarguably Brussels’ most cosmopolitan of city centre locations.

Bringing the story right into the 21st century, we celebrated a renovation that has provided two

of the most sustainable business addresses in Brussels, from ground floor recycling services, to the hard-working honey bees hosed on the roof. Led by a distinctive logo inspired by one of the most recognisable art-deco façade details, we developed a suite of targeted campaign material, telling a precisely crafted story of real class – Regal history, Belgium’s most respected architect of all time, and the start of brand new reverence through a sustainable transformation of it all into contemporary office space for today.


The outcome is the positioning of Stéphanie Square and Stéphanie Plaza at the pinnacle of Belgium’s commercial real-estate market and firmly established at the forefront of the minds of Brussels most discerning audiences, looking for the ultimate office address of distinction.