Online politics ? It’s about straight talk & simplicity.

European People's Party


When we won the opportunity to design and build a new online experience for the tens of thousands across Europe who follow and support The European People’s Party, Europe’s largest and most successful political party, we knew there would be no-room for error. Talking politics online has to be approached with great discipline, the pressure is compounded when the of the words come directly from the biggest names in European politics – nothing-less than a perfect delivery would suffice.

“Our challenge was to turn political views and often complicated “Europe-talk” into up-beat communication that is attractive, engaging an, above-all, easy to understand”.


Traffic increase of 27% unique visitors.

Building a new online platform for Europe’s leading political party – where would you start ?
We started with UX. Experience, but, also expectations. We became EPP’s supporters, and we became EPP critics. We analysed everything, designed new content structure and translated this into an online strategy of absolute clarity. Throughout development, we were led by a commitment to buildi understanding through simple straight-talk – we were convinced that credibility, confidence and votes would come from there.


EPP represent Europe’s people, and Europe’s people are extraordinarily diverse – We chose photo assets with a distinct accent on diversity, and mixed-in a bright new colour palette. We pinpointed visual content on human values, at the same time successfully combining cultures and tastes of Europe’s people. We provided a CMS system for rapid, back-end simplicity, coupled with built-in stability and security, ensuring a wholly reliable, fully responsive user-experience. The take-out is a fresh new website, where EPP are seen as relevant, approachable and accessible.


We have provided EPP with a new online presence, and a powerful new platform to pitch critical information, new manifestos, and reaffirm the EPP promise. Designed to talk politics in a language that all of us can understand, we have helped elevate EPP’s digital capabilities to touch and to resonate, and to create new affinity with more of Europe’s people.

Get the online experience.