Recruiting for the low-carbon future.



With over 50 years experience in the nuclear industry, engie are leaders in providing training and career opportunities to the next generation of nuclear engineers. As a key asset in their commitment to building a low-carbon future, The engie Nuclear Trainees Program provides new engineering graduates across Belgium and France with the opportunity to make an active contribution to the future development of Europe’s energy production.

Our creative response was led by upbeat and progressive visual styling, supported by headline and copy content in a motivated and inspirational tone. We brought a targeted and colourful creative solution, designed to enthuse and engage with positivity and inspire new and future Graduates to engage further with engie, and ultimately sign-up to the Nuclear Trainees Program”


400 hours of training.

Led by their maxim to be ‘open, caring, bold and demanding’, engie’s long-term mission is to create a community of ‘Imaginative Builders’ – a new generation of talent and vision, who will move Europe’s energy production to new and cleaner realms. engie embrace and encourage creativity – as dedicated creative partners, beyond enjoy helping to build their future – and when it comes to the energy challenges of tomorrow, engie’s Nuclear Trainees Program is a critical initiative.



Working directly with engie’s European head-office, we provided creative content for the 2020 Nuclear Trainees Program recruitment campaign, targeting the brightest engineering graduates throughout Belgium and France. The result is a precisely targeted and  inspiring set of campaign material, comprising a range of poster assets, for use at primary poster sites in all major University Cities, supported by a suite of promotional assets for Campus displays and recruitment roadshows.